Portfolio - Product Solutions

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Video & Voice Call Solutions (iOS)

  • Implementation of hassle-free, quick turnaround voice and video call with all possible use cases
  • Secure streaming of data between peer apps
  • Memory conscious during streaming for optimum performance

Hassle-free Payment Gateway Integration solution (iOS)

  • Secure transaction over card payments via Stripe services
  • Token based transaction for added security measure
  • Leveraging stripe dashboards by customising available settings for payment and payment rollouts

E-learning and online certification solutions (Android, iOS)

  • Encryption of learner's sensitive data
  • Deliverance of text and multimedia videos content
  • Interactive drag drop, MCQ quiz & select box implementation
  • User learning traction & course progress
  • Online examination participation and Downloadable certificates

Business products listing (Android, iOS, Web)

  • Product catalog listing
  • Click-to-Action implementation
  • Email and sms intimation
  • User traction dashboard and reports

Wordpress API integration and customisation solutions (API)

  • LMS-Grassblade API implementation for site-server calls
  • Leveraging and customising reports
  • Data sync and data delta capturing

Woocommerce WP implementation - E-commerce solutions (Web)

  • Product and catalog listing
  • Payment API plugin installations
  • Seamless api and plugin interaction

Training session booking management (iOS, Android, Web)

  • Student and Trainer enrollment to platform
  • Session and event booking and tracking management
  • Online support system
  • Package management and subscription

Classifieds management solution for service searcher-providers (Android, iOS)

  • Location based listings and search
  • Navigation and real time interaction
  • Multi-lingual support

Race timing solutions (Web)

  • Bulk and quick processing of data
  • Image and video tagging
  • Social media campaigning

Robust Chat system (Android, iOS, Web)

  • Quick turnout of sending and receiving chat
  • Multimedia and document sending support
  • Remote procedure calls

Ionic implementation for parallel multi platform app development (Hybrid)

  • Common code development for multi-app platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows
  • Automated build and release
  • Common libraries implementation over basic functionalities
  • Dedicated platform specific libraries implementation over complex functionalities
  • Quick and synchronous feature release across platforms

ElectronJS implementation for parallel multi platform desktop development (Desktop)

  • Common code development for multiple desktop os such as Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Automated build and release
  • Less effort and resource consumption to create applications in a jiffy
  • Quick and synchronous feature release across platforms

Wearable devices solutions on Samsung/Android platforms

  • Proof of concepts
  • Inter-system communication
  • Google services integration

Public Transport Online Travel Planner

  • Transport Planner within the City, along with Timetables, Stations & Stops
  • Live travel information is provided directly by us and through third party organizations which use the data we make available to power apps and other services
  • We work to make journeys easier through technology and data
  • We listen to, and act upon, feedback and complaints to constantly improve our services and work with communities, representative groups, businesses and many other stakeholders to shape transport provision
  • Provide individual / separate journey segments across our network
  • We’re working hard to bring you updates on LIVE information